Reliance is our energy

We have achieved many successes by aiming for "Giving shape to customer's need" through information filing, vehicle development support, patent search, sales of Eco. related product etc. The driving force behind this is "human quality" and "passion". We always continue to challenge toward "To be a company society wants to exist".

SANNO TEC CO.,LTD. Representative director Shinichi Sakamoto

Company Philosophy

Company's Motto “Meticulous care and passion”

  1. We fulfill the corporate social responsibility under human dignity and contribute to creation of a better human environment.
  2. We devote ourselves to customer first principal, anticipate customer needs, and develop and provide the best product and service.
  3. We never forget the feeling of appreciation and aim at future-oriented company with passion.


[Environmental Philosophy]

SANNO TEC regards global environmental protection as our business challenge
and is committed to environmental protection through our business activities and
employee behavior to contribute to the creation of a prosperous future.

[Environmental Policy]
  1. Environmental protection activity
    We promote environmental protection activities based on the Environmental Philosophy.
  2. Energy saving / resource saving activity
    We achieve environmental load reduction by using resources and energy more efficiently.
  3. Compliance with environmental laws and regulations
    We are committed to environmental protection activities in compliance with environmental laws and regulations.

Manufacturing Technology

We have been ruuning a business broadly such as mobility developments that make excellent use of advanced 3D CAD software "CATIA", preparing technical data of product owner's manuals and service manuals, patent search, technical translations/interpretations, eco-solutions, temporary staffing, and we propose our best efforts to meet our customer's expectations.

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