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Development Design

We make full use of most-advanced CATIA and pursue high-quality and effective design.
We support customer's design work strongly.

Design Support Related to Automobile

Automobile development support that offers design technique for engine, mission, chassis, electrical apparatus, body, interior and exterior etc.

Entrusted Design Operation

We can handle multiple areas from automobile parts, accessories to residential lighting.
We make full use of design technique which is gained from automobile development support and offer high-quality drawing (CATIA data).

Development Support

Use digital data efficiently to realize better front-loading of product development.
We support manufacturing of customer with wide variety of 3D tools.

CAE Technology / 3D Modeling

  • Support for automobile development by CAE analysis including strength of vehicle body and collision safety
  • Support for automobile development by creation of mold data

Entrustment Support

  • Development support by machining and processing of 3D data
  • Development support by creation of analytical data

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