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Translation / Interpretation

Technical Translation

We offer comprehensive translation services tailored to our clients' individual needs using technical terms and expressions in the contextual situation.

  • Available Languages

    English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and other Asian and European languages
    We support various languages to meet the diverse international community. (Translation rates vary depending on the language combination.)

  • Materials We Have Handled

    General documents, technical manuals, specifications, design drawings, training manuals, presentation materials, technical articles, corporate brochures, exhibition documents and so on.

    *We also offer proofreading, rewriting, data entry, and tape transcription services.

  • Specialized Fields

    Automobile engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, communication, IT

    *Please feel free to make inquiries directly to us for other fields.


  • Our qualified interpreters offer comprehensive services matched to your needs in meetings on advanced technology.
  • We offer the best solution to the international negotiations.
    • Simultaneous interpretation or consecutive interpretation at technical meetings
    • Interpretation for international technical trainees, etc.
  • English

*We also offer services in other languages. Please contact us for further details.

Our Security System

Safe and reliable network

A large capacity network with high confidentiality protects our clients' precious data against cracking until its delivery.

Nondisclosure agreement

All of our staff have nondisclosure agreements with our company and handle our clients' data with extreme caution.

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