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Patent Search

Document Search

Analysis of technical content, classification grant and abstract creation for patent and technical document

*We can create a database for result of analysis and classification in response to customer's request.

Image : Delivered database(Sample)

• Delivered database(Sample)

Data Collection and Arrangement

Arrangement of domestic and foreign bulletin,
various documents and manuals using fulfilling network

We can copy a domestic and foreign document and patent gazette, and order other documents (various data, manual and patent file) instead of customer.

Countries and regions

  • US
  • EP
  • PCT
  • DE
  • FR

*Please consult with us about other regions.

Arrangement and data creation for different purposes

We can classify and arrange a patent-related document in compliance with purpose and form of use.

Trends Analysis

Creation of patent map and development of patent map software
which are essential for product development and patent strategy

Image : Sample of patent map

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