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Summary for Software Development

Our ideal is to build a system which is usable and convenient for everyone.
Though it may be obvious, we think it is essential to understand the operation outline (flow) and carry out development with user's minds to build a usable and convenient system.
As company's strength, we run a wide range of business including patent, creation of technical data, drawing processing and design of automobile part etc. in addition to system development. Therefore we can combine our original know-how with system development.
We not only realize customer's need, but also incorporate various information into it and offer a system for making the most of information.

Development Results

Intellectual property

Library control system (C#), Patent file digitalization system (C#)

Drawing control

Numbering system of drawing No. (ASP.NET,XML Web Service,Oracle)

Production control

Inspection item management system (ASP.NET,MS SQL Server), process inspection system (C#)

Development Style

We take development approach called Waterfall Model.
This method is beneficial for customer to make it easier to secure a budget and manage the process.
We think Waterfall Model is divided into 5 broad phases.

System Management / User Support

Approach to Infrastructure Operations

We provide consultation to IT department of customer with know-how which we acquired
through approach to our system and security management.

Main Operation

System operation services

In addition to dispatch of engineer, we develop various scripts to assist management by customer.

  • Active Directory administrative service
  • Notes administrative service
  • Other business application administrative service
  • PC administrative service

End user support service

We dispatch engineer to user support department of customer and help customer's operation.

  • User support service
  • Measures for virus
  • Introduction support of PC, peripheral device and software

OS Operation Results

  • Windows Server
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • AIX

Photo : Infrastructure operation

• Infrastructure operation

Web Production

When customer creates a website, we provide consultation about purpose and
goal in the place of customer in order to realize the goal together.
We meet various requests from renewal to new creation of homepage.

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