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Data filing

Data filing we think is to digitize paper document, especially we perform high-quality scanning.
Recently, there are few cases of simple paper scanning. On the other hand, cases in which scanning specification is different by each document, or different paper sizes are mixed (from A4 to A0) are increased.
We advise accurately with accumulated know-how for customer's need.

Holding Facilities

  • High speed color scanner for business use (up to A3 ) 10 scanners
  • Large size scanner for business use (up to A0) 2 scanners

On-Demand Printing

What does on-demand printing mean?

On-demand means "Get required quantity when you need it."
Contrary to traditional printing method, on-demand printing increases more strength at small-lot printing.

Feature of On-Demand Printing

  • Cost reduction

    We are pleased to realize most appropriate performance regardless of the print amount by omission of plate-making process.

  • Quick delivery

    Process simplification also shortens delivery time from order to delivery. If you have completed data, it leads to shorten delivery time further.

  • High-mix low-volume production and variable data printing

    High-mix low-volume production and variable data printing can make the most of merit for digital printing and printing without plate.
    *Variable data printing : This is a method that allows you to print with different contents respectively such as an address on a postcard and ticket numbering.

  • Minimum inventory

    It is unnecessary to carry wasted inventory because you only have to print required copies when you need it.

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